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We are a family-owned, direct-to-garment printing company that offers customers the freedom to express themselves through vibrant, eye-catching photo and graphic t-shirts. Customers are given individualized attention to special orders, thus creating a reputation of outstanding customer service by assisting to craft special designs tailored to their lifestyle. Customers will take pride in wearing our attractive yet comfortable digital photo shirts!



DGT Printing or Direct to Garment Printing

Things to know about Direct to Garment Printing
Due to the precision of the DTG printer, customers are able to print images in higher detail compared to screen printing. The printer can print any image, giving you tons of options when customizing your shirt! 
Oh yeah, there's no limit on colors OR minimum order quantity!
Who Benefits the Most from Direct to Garment Printing? 
A customer with a design over 6 colors.
A customer with an order from 1-12 shirts.
A customer who wants to design using photos from social media, camera roll etc. 
A customer with very intricate designs.
How Does DTG Printing Work?
In Direct to Garment printing, a printer directly applies the ink onto the t-shirt with inkjet technology. DTG printers have a platen meant to hold the garment in a fixed position while the ink is jet sprayed onto the garment. DTG shirts typically requires a pretreat solution, unless they're white.
The process is similar to a paper printer, except DTG prints on garments. The inks that are used are specialty water based inks, which are absorbed by the garment's fibers. If the garment is less than 50% cotton the ink is less likely to adhere to it's subject.

Print on more product types including dark poly and poly blends. Increase your offering and competitive advantage by being able to reliably print on a wider range of fabrics from 100% cotton / cotton poly blends and all the way to 100% dark polyester. Gamut plus inks can help you optimize your production. Our inks are designed to "set" faster which means you can take advantage of the one pass* modes on your DTG direct to garment printers and no more waiting for white ink to set before printing the color pass.